RoboPharma specializes in custom-designing high-speed mail order/digital pharmacy solutions suitable for local, regional or national level pharmacies. RoboPharma systems dramatically reduce dispensing errors, time and costs. Below is a brief explanation of the RoboPharma mail order automation model.

Prescriptions originate from the patient, sent directly to the mail order pharmacy via a website or other application. When the prescription is received, the mail order pharmacy then efficiently dispenses the medicines and checks and labels the individual packages; packs all prescriptions in a patient-specific bag or box; and sorts the prescriptions for transport. Once completed, orders are shipped back directly to the patient’s home or preferred address.

A RoboPharma mail order/digital pharmacy site can fulfill up to 100,000 prescriptions per day. Each custom-designed system consists of:

  • RoboPharma mail order automation software that includes ordering, receiving, processing, validating, dispensing, checking, labeling, sorting, user identification, track-and-trace of all steps during the filling process, logging, and reporting functions.
  • RoboPharma dispensing systems and/or RoboPharma sorting systems.
  • RoboLabel or AutoLabel systems to check, label, and bag prescriptions.
  • Sorting racks, flow racks, trolleys, and/or conveyers.
  • RoboPharma technical and business consultants are expert at fully utilizing available space to achieve maximum results, and custom-designing the hardware and software for each installation.
  • Close planning with all stakeholders and business partners, including architects, shop-fitters, and software providers.
  • World-class service and support to ensure the highest uptime.