How do I know who is using our mobile computing carts and when?

How do I know who is using our mobile computing carts and when?

How can I better monitor how and when our hospital mobile computing carts are being utilized by clinicians? Who’s using them? These are common questions from Hospital IT staff who want to gain a better understanding of cart fleet usage, and to make sure they have the right number of computing workstations in the right locations to meet their facility needs.

These were questions that Steve Torbett, Sr. Manager, Acute Care Products with Capsa Healthcare addressed with visitors at the Capsa Healthcare booth at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas.

Featured in the booth was Capsa’s N-SightTM  Fleet Management Software, a cloud based system that enables Hospital IT to remotely manage and monitor CareLink point-of-care carts used by clinicians. N-Sight facilitates asset utilization, enables remote user management, and helps hospital IT maximize their fleet performance and value.

Addressing the “Who’s using them and when” question, Steve demonstrated several new features of the N-Sight platform.

  • Active Directory Service: Allows IT to manage computing cart users directly from Microsoft Active Directory (AD). The simple utility maps attributes from AD to N-Sight providing easier user management, centralized management of security and improved asset utilization analysis.
  • CareLink Pin Code Interface: An easy-to-use interface that provides better security and more value from fleet management. Users no longer have to enter and remember PIN codes. Clinicians can login and unlock bins or drawers using “Tap and Go” badge readers or proximity sensors, single sign-on or EMR, including scanning patient’s wristband to unlock bins.

These new features provide hospital IT with the remote user management and visibility into cart access they have been asking for, and also aids in the asset utilization and access monitoring analysis that is available with N-Sight.

For clinicians, the Active Directory and Pin Code Interface provides for a simpler and faster workflow allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Click here to watch a short video that illustrates the Capsa N-Sight platform.

If you didn’t have a chance to visit with us at HIMSS or would like to learn more about N-Sight, please contact us, or click here to learn more.