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Tablet / Capsule Counting

Kirby Lester High Volume Counting Technology

For more than 10 years, our pharmacy automation team has custom-designed Kirby Lester high-volume counting technology for many of the world’s largest mail order and central fill pharmacies. This unique solution automates the counting of the most common medications. Custom high-volume counting technology can be integrated into existing filling operations, or designed around the specifications of new systems. Talk with Capsa Healthcare about our Kirby Lester high-volume automation to help solve your challenges.

Key Features
  • Utilized by many of the world’s largest high volume pharmacies
  • Counting technology to automate almost any tablet/capsule
  • Capable of integrating into any new or existing workflow
  • Consultative approach to custom-engineer the ideal Kirby Lester high-volume counting for the facility’s specifications
  • Designed to simplify training and support
  • Minimal downtime
  • Unmatched count accuracy and reliability
Best Suited For
  • Fully automated, high volume prescription filling centers.
  • Partnering with “integrators” that design processes to automate mail order and central fill.



  • High-volume mail order pharmacy
  • High-volume central fill pharmacy