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Automate Your Patients' Medication Packaging

NexPak™ Automated Packaging System


Simplify Pharmacy Operations: NexPak™ offers a seamless transition to automated medication packaging, enhancing efficiency and accuracy for both multi-dose and unit-dose dispensing. Designed for versatility, NexPak™ is the solution for pharmacies aiming to improve medication management and patient care across various settings.

Enhanced Patient Care: By integrating NexPak™, pharmacies provide facilities with an advanced tool to boost medication adherence, minimize risks, and enhance patient outcomes through streamlined medication administration and reduced waste.

Models Tailored to Your Needs: Choose from two innovative models – Central Pharmacy for complete dispensing control, or In-Facility for on-demand, patient-specific packaging, both supported by smart technology and cloud-based management for unparalleled security and efficiency.

*Available in US & Canada

Key Features

  • Packaging Flexibility:
    • Multi-dose for administering patient-specific orders
    • Unit dose for filling e-kit medications and hospital packaging for cabinet replenishment
  • Versatility & Scalability: From small to large volumes, adaptable for nursing homes, correctional facilities, and more.
  • Security & Efficiency: Secure medication storage with reduced prep time, enabling nurses to focus on care.
  • Customizable Delivery Schedules: Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, etc.
  • Medication Waste Reduction: Patient-specific packaging minimizes waste and ensures accuracy.
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified:  Cyber security and HIPAA compliance.

Trusted by Capsa Healthcare: Backed by over 60 years of leadership in medication management, NexPak™ is your solution to enhancing pharmacy workflow and patient safety, all within a compact, scalable system.

Well Suited For

  • Senior care and nursing homes
  • Institutional and in-house pharmacies
  • Correctional facilities
  • Hospital pharmacies
  • Retail Pharmacies

Embrace the future of pharmacy automation with NexPak™ for safer, more efficient medication management.


  • Central Pharmacy Unit
  • In-Facility Unit

Available in 300, 360, and 480 canister capacities.

Dimensions & Weight:
  • 300 & 360 canister units:
    • Dimensions: 35.5″ wide x 42″ deep x 80.5″ high.
    • Weight: 1,235 to 1,300 lb.
  • 480 canister unit:
    • Dimensions:46″ wide x 42″ deep x 84″ high.
    • Weight: 1,390 lb.
Canister Options:
  • Sizes: 230ml, 290ml, and 350ml.
Packaging Efficiency:
  • Speed: Up to 60 packs per minute.
  • Sizes: Multi-Dose (75mm x 70mm); Unit Dose (55mm x 50mm)
Advanced Features:
  • Automated Tray Dispenser (ATD): For efficient exception handling with a 60-cell tray.
  • Universal Bulk Dispenser (UBD): Supports medications not in canisters, available in 1 or 3 per unit options.
  • Security: Locked canister drawers.
  • Optional second packaging unit for enhanced performance.
  • Customizable thermal printing for personalization.
  • Optional Canister Check Station (CCS) for precise inventory management.
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