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Small-Diameter Endoscope Storage

TruAir™ Scope Storage Wall Cabinet


The TruAir™ Scope Wall Cabinet is designed for storing small-diameter endoscopes. It is optimized for scopes that do not have an integral light guide cable or removable video/light processor cord. Depending on your facility’s infection control policy, the cabinet can store up to 8 Bronchial, TEE or ENT scopes without light guides or up to 4 with light guides.

An optional TruHEPA filter can be added, which helps maintain a constant positive pressure within the cabinet to keep scopes free from contamination. For easy access, the cabinet features rotating scope hooks and locking hinged glass doors with a keyed or keyless lock to ensure the safety of scopes while in storage.MASS Medical Storage is Now Part of Capsa Healthcare

Key Features

  • Capacity for 4-8 small-diameter endoscopes
  • Rotating scope hooks for greater access
  • Constructed of antimicrobial HDPE Plastic for easy cleaning
  • Keyed and keyless locking systems for added security
  • Optional TruHEPA filter available

Well Suited For

  • Endoscopy Suites
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • OR Departments
  • ENT Suites


Model Numbers:
  • M1201HG-HEPA
External Dimensions:
  • 19.25″W x 11.75″D x 48.75″H
  • White
  • HDPE Plastic
  • Locking Hinged Glass Doors
Air Supply:
  • Optional TruHEPA Filter
  • Up to 8 ENT Scopes

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