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Why NexsysADC? 4 Big Reasons (In A Small Size ADC)

Here’s Why Customers Love NexsysADC

When it comes to knowing what nursing and pharmacy staff members want in automated dispensing, Elizabeth Reese has plenty of street cred! As Capsa’s Technical Product Manager, she has worked with hundreds of NexsysADC users in all sizes and types of care environments. We asked Ms. Reese to consider her years of customer interactions to build “The 4 Things Customers Love About NexsysADC.”

1. Remote Management

“Managers in the pharmacy, in the facility, they have a bird’s eye view of everything going on in the NexsysADC cabinet – without having to be in front of the cabinet. They know the inventory, individual nurses’ medication interactions, discrepancies, and they can print reports about anything. This is by far what senior management appreciates about the NexsysADC system.”

2. Easy To Use

Nurse using an automated dispensing cabinet

“Many of our customers have worked with other automated dispensing cabinets in past jobs. And they know these ADCs can be huge, complex, and intimidating. Then they see NexsysADC with its GUI that was designed to be really intuitive. All the touches on the screen are named for the actions they perform. They don’t have to decode, they don’t get lost, and nurses don’t start shutting down and tuning out midway through training. NexsysADC is a breeze to operate.”

3. Fits Any Workflow

“You can easily manipulate this system for a lot of situations. Like during COVID, we were able to adapt to restocking constraints because long-term care facilities were in lock-down and pharmacies couldn’t have normal access. The NexsysADC system allowed Capsa the flexibility to allow our users to adjust their restocking processes to still maintain a safe, secure inventory exchange process but without risking exposure. A more rigid system would have had trouble being adjusted in a time of need.”

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4. Anywhere Controlled Meds are Onsite

“Capsa initially launched NexsysADC for the long-term care facility. Then we expanded into other care areas that were historically priced out of reach by other automated dispensing cabinet providers. Like Veterinary. Dental surgery. Ambulatory surgery. Hospice. Even though these industries have very different workflows and practice management software, NexsysADC can adapt to their unique needs. And we continue to adapt. Look at our new 6” and 10” CAM Drawers. A senior care facility needs to store plenty of small unit-dose packets, so they fit our standard 3” deep CAMs. But a veterinary clinic has a 1,000-count stock bottle of tramadol. And an ambulatory surgery center has anesthesia gases to safeguard.

So we developed our deep CAM drawers, and these customers love how flexible our cabinets can now be. And it’s not just medication packaging. NexsysADC allows different user permissions, we have the main cabinet and the 4T to accommodate everyone’s space, formulary and budget. This really is a unique platform for so many care settings.” For a related Capsa blog: NexsysADC 4T suits the unique needs of this Shreveport, LA’s hospice facility.

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Elizabeth Reese & Jack Burns
Elizabeth Reese, left, and Capsa regional account manager Jack Burns conduct a nursing staff training at an Orlando, FL LTC facility

About Elizabeth Reese

Ms. Reese is a technical product manager and has been with Capsa since 2019. She drives the interfacing and prioritizing of new features and expansions. She responds to customers’ input, needs, and ideas and brings these ideas to product management for a continual flow of advances in the NexsysADC line. Elizabeth is a certified pharmacy technician and worked in both hospital and retail pharmacies.