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High Density Dispensing System For PrePack Medication Boxes

RoboPharma Package Dispensing Robot


For pharmacies dispensing patient medications in prepack boxes/blister strips/unit-of-use, the RoboPharma high density dispensing robot is like no other automated robot system. Fast. Simple. Reliable. These are the hallmarks of every RoboPharma robot.

Each custom-designed dispensing robot can hold up to 90% of your top moving medication packages. The robot, interfaced to your pharmacy computing system, dispenses up to 3 medication boxes per second (or 3 blister cards per second) and quickly transports the patient order to any drop point for final prep and will call. Just imagine, complete patient prescriptions picked without error and delivered to the pharmacy staff in a matter of seconds for final handling.

A RoboPharma robot is at the heart of automating the entire med path in your pharmacy; Our sales engineers custom-build your system that can handle everything from conveyance of the picked meds, to multiple drop points or ward bins, to labeling and bagging, to will call, to home delivery. An efficient workflow, however, always starts with a RoboPharma high-speed dispensing robot.

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What sets RoboPharma prepack dispensing robots apart from one-arm robotic picking robots? Our simple yet ingenious design avoids the prohibitively high acquisition cost, noise, energy demand, and upkeep associated with other robots. RoboPharma robotic dispensers are the fastest-growing brand because they provide the practical solution for almost any retail and hospital pharmacy to dispense a high quantity of patient orders with minimum labor and cost.

Any Volume: RoboPharma custom-installs the dispensing robot that fits your pharmacy’s volume, from a few hundred to several thousand scripts per day. We carefully assess your inventory’s mix of package sizes and workflow, and future business growth.

Simplicity: Our dispensers are based on gravity and proven technology. We also standardize on channel widths and lengths for ease of initial buildout, expansion, and repair.

Expandability: Our dispensers are modular (widths are 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 packages per channel) and set lengths, so our mathematical projections sort what medications should be stored in which channels. As your pharmacy’s capacity increases or as drug mix changes, our channels can be quickly swapped.

Reliability: There is no single point of failure — anywhere — in a RoboPharma robotic dispenser. If power to the facility is lost, staff still has access to all medications; you know exactly where every product is stored — RoboPharma has no chaotic storage and all packs of the same SKU are always stored together. If one component needs attention, the rest of the system continues to operate. Our uptime is 99%+, unmatched in the industry. Plus, the technical lifecycle of our componentry is 15+ years.

Speed: Our dispensing channels are incredibly fast: Up to 3 packages/second can be dispensed from multiple channels concurrently. Even with such speed, there is very little noise.

RoboPharma PrePack Dispensing Robots are designed for:
  • Managing unit of use/prepack boxes/blister cards
  • High speed picking and transporting to multiple drop points in the pharmacy
  • The starting point for RoboPharma’s full suite of automation including RoboLabel pack labeling and bagging, Ward Box Delivery, ScriptShelves will call organization, RoboWall 24/7 patient pickup kiosk, and HomeDeliveries

Key Features

  • The most versatile dispensing robot for pharmacies dispensing prepack boxes: Handle fast and slow movers, large and small package sizes, and unit dose boxes and blister cards (even OTC bottles)
  • Dispense 3 packages per second; complete patient orders are picked in 6-10 seconds
  • Secure access to your inventory at any time, even during power failure
  • 99% proven uptime
  • RoboPharma software tracks exactly how many medication packages the dispenser contains (current inventory), how many packets each channel can hold (capacity) and where they are stored
  • Compact channel storage for thousands of medication packages (many sizes, doses, and forms) needs only a few square meters inside the robot. Thus, our systems maximize your existing space and more capacity can be later added by adding another row of channels
  • Barcode replenishment prevents mis-filling
RoboPharma RP20 Pharmacy Automation Elevator Conveyor

Well Suited For

  • Retail Pharmacy: Efficiently dispens 90% of total daily fills in regions where packaged/boxed medications or blister cards are the most common delivery.
  • Hospital Pharmacy: Accommodate patient-specific or non patient-specific models for busy hospital prescription processing and delivery.
  • Mail Order/Central Filling: Automate the picking of unit-dose medications (blisters, ointments, bottles); Easily integrates into any high-volume, high-speed system where many types of medication packaging are automated.
  • The start of a complete automated pharmacy: RoboPharma technologies cover every step of a pharmacy’s medication management chain: manage medication inventory and picking, high speed conveyance to multiple drop points, labeling, will call, 24/7 pickup, even home delivery. For more about RoboPhama’s approach to automating your complete community pharmacy, click here.


Every retail and hospital pharmacy’s volume, available space, and packaging mix is unique. RoboPharma dispensing robots are modular and custom-designed. Below are general specifications, but our sales engineers will work with your pharmacy space planner to design the right dispensing automation for you.

  • Robot Height: 250cm
  • Robot Depth: Approx 135cm to 275 cm, depending on optional accessories like Slow-Mover Door or Blister Dispensing Units
  • Robot Length: 135cm, 245cm, or 355cm, depending on stored inventory and product mix
  • Speed: Dispense up to 3 medication boxes or blister packs/second; Full patient order dispensed in 6-10 seconds; RoboPharma’s elevators and belt conveyor transports finished patient orders from the robot to any sorting station in the pharmacy at 2 meters/second
  • Dispensing Channels: 1- to 5-channel wide to accommodate almost any medication package size
  • Expansion: Simple to expand any RoboPharma robot by adding additional channel bays

Expand your package handling and your efficiency with these options:

  • AutoFill: Speeds the restocking process – up to 3,000 packs per hour. Advanced high-speed robotic arm reduces labor and time for replenishing the dispensing robot.
  • Blister Dispensing Unit: Automates the picking of almost any size unboxed pill blister card up to 80mm
  • Slow-Mover Door: Opposite the main dispensing channels of any RoboPharma package dispensing robot, the slow-mover door uses shorter channels for space-conservation.


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